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  • Disease Prevention. New masterclasses every month on how to prevent/reverse chronic disease. 

  • Plant Based Nutrition. Learn how to use food as medicine whilst introducing delicious new plant based recipes for you and your family to enjoy. 

  • Ready Made Workouts. Certified trainers will guide you through short but effective workouts that you can do from anywhere in the world with minimal equipment.

  • Mental Health. Monthly resources and exercises helps you to master the most powerful muscle in your body...your mind. 

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Disease Prevention


The top 3 killers in our community, heart disease, cancer and stroke are ALL preventable lifestyle diseases. Our monthly masterclasses will teach you how to prevent these and more!


Physical and Mental Health


Movement Matters! Access ready made high intensity interval workouts for your body in PLANK-U and self development practices and exercises for your mental health inside of PSY-FI!


Black Health Collective


Are you a doctor, nurse, wellness coach, CNA or caregiver? Participate in monthly LIVE classes to become a better service provider for your patients, clients and loved ones.


Plant Based Nutrition


Reach and maintain your ideal weight, control blood sugar, stabilize blood pressure and learn how to cook delicious meals with our certified plant based chef!


Black Physician Database


In search of a black doctor? Have a great doctor that we all should know about? Help us to build our database from inside of the ACADEMY!


Black Health Marketplace


Enjoy exclusive discounts from our members and affiliates inside the marketplace. Members can apply to sell their products and services or to facilitate a masterclass! 


The Black Health Academy Podcast!

Bi-weekly podcast hosted by ACADEMY founder Lisa A. Smith alongside ACADEMY health coach, Jaye Struthers.

The podcast is also available on Stitcher and Castbox. 

"Thank you for the wealth of information that is shared each week! I love that this podcast is not only informative but it’s very intentional about the health and wellness in the black community. Lots of good nuggets are dropped and I love tuning in to get all of it. Keep up the good work ❤️😊

- review from listener via apple podcasts

Master Plant-Based Nutrition with Our Signature Coaching Programs.


P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE  is a ten week group coaching program which provides the fundamentals of using food as medicine, for weight loss and to achieve optimal physical and cognitive health.


    Go from pills to plants, prevent/reverse disease and lose weight using whole real food! 


    Conquer food intimidation and learn how to prepare foods you were 'not brought up on.'


    Learn the neuroscience behind discipline and lose your old mindset by introducing new lifelong healthy habits.

The Other 23

Plant Based Nutrition and Coaching Certification

About The Other 23

The Other 23 is a plant-based nutrition and coaching certification for both seasoned and emerging health coaches who want to utilize plant-based nutrition science and proven high-level coaching strategies in order to maximize their client's health outcomes.

  • Achieve Mastery

    of the science which will help you to assist the specific audience you want to serve.

  • Develop Integrity

    in the way in which you deliver the content to ensure you practice what you preach.

  • Gain Confidence

    in coaching individuals through life-changing transformations that they can't stop talking about.

About Our Founder: Lisa A. Smith

Lisa A. Smith is a serial entrepreneur, health and wellness subject matter expert, practitioner and speaker. From living rooms to exhibition halls, Lisa is known for her provocative delivery and depth of knowledge. With her first company, Professionally Fit, she has coached dozens of people to a whole foods plant based diet helping them to reverse everything from obesity to autoimmune diseases. Lisa has been interviewed on multiple radio and podcast segments and has been a feature speaker for institutions such as The University of Michigan, The State of Michigan and the national Plant Based Prevention of Disease Conference. She is the executive director of The Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group and creator of the plant-based coaching program, P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE. Her mission with The Black Health Academy is to ensure our community has access to a health and wellness platform built on integrity, reliability and most of all has our best interests in mind. LEARN MORE

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"This is so awesome! I love the calmness in the instruction but the intensity with the workouts (that aren't too overwhelming) - even the modified examples you give. Awesome job! Im currently sitting at my desk at work and wanted to jump up and do this entire workout!:)"

"Ooooooh my gosh! I feel like I'm in food heaven with these recipes. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤"


"Thank you for allowing me to be human audio is POWERFUL Stuff, how do I put it on repeat, I know that mental illness is the result of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome (PTSS) therein lies the individual's journey to dismantle their mind from PTSS, this is the most difficult and perilous task in individual thought and it is the performance of this operation more than any other which justifies the individual's claim of "KNOW THYSELF", this PsyFi is POWERFUL, LIMITLESS INVISIBLE POWER!"

Our Legacy Begins With Our Health

With African Americans making up only 5% of physicians in the U.S. it’s no wonder that

  • The infant mortality rate in the black population is twice that of whites.
  • Black men are seven times more likely than white men to receive a diagnosis of H.I.V. and more than twice as likely to die of prostate cancer.
  • Black women have nearly double the obesity rate of white women and are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer. 
  • Black people experience much higher rates of hypertension, diabetes and stroke.

What we know for certain is that in general, Black people are more likely to feel more comfortable with Black doctors and vice versa. BOTTOM LINE: we need more of US taking care of US

Invest in Your Legacy

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The Black Health Academy is accredited by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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