• Ready Made Workouts. Certified trainers will guide you through short but effective workouts that you can do from anywhere in the world with minimal equipment.

  • Mental Health. Monthly resources and exercises helps you to master the most powerful muscle in your body...your mind. 

Disease Prevention


The top 3 killers in our community, heart disease, cancer and stroke are ALL preventable lifestyle diseases. Our monthly masterclasses will teach you how to prevent these and more!


Physical and Mental Health


Movement Matters! Access ready made high intensity interval workouts for your body in PLANK-U and self development practices and exercises for your mental health inside of PSY-FI!


Plant Based Nutrition


Reach and maintain your ideal weight, control blood sugar, stabilize blood pressure and learn how to cook delicious meals with our certified plant based chef!


Black Physician Database


In search of a black doctor? Have a great doctor that we all should know about? Help us to build our database from inside of the ACADEMY!


  • of the science which will help you to assist the specific audience you want to serve.

  • in the way in which you deliver the content to ensure you practice what you preach.

  • in coaching individuals through life-changing transformations that they can't stop talking about.

About Our Founder: Lisa A. Smith

Your peers said it best...

"This is so awesome! I love the calmness in the instruction but the intensity with the workouts (that aren't too overwhelming) - even the modified examples you give. Awesome job! Im currently sitting at my desk at work and wanted to jump up and do this entire workout!:)"

"Ooooooh my gosh! I feel like I'm in food heaven with these recipes. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤"


"Thank you for allowing me to be human audio is POWERFUL Stuff, how do I put it on repeat, I know that mental illness is the result of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome (PTSS) therein lies the individual's journey to dismantle their mind from PTSS, this is the most difficult and perilous task in individual thought and it is the performance of this operation more than any other which justifies the individual's claim of "KNOW THYSELF", this PsyFi is POWERFUL, LIMITLESS INVISIBLE POWER!"

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